Our values

Social responsibility:

logo-our-valuescommunities within tunisia to improve their environmental, social and economic well-being, and inspire citizens to engage themselves in the conservation of resources, under the 3r policy ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’; building the local capacity to make informed decisions regarding recycling issues.
Sustainable development / economic development in regions:
Valorflakes has newly developed an economical & cost effective "bottle to bottle" (hereafter called b2b) method for recycling pet bottle flake into quality pet flakes, under 3r policy (reduce, re-user and recycle)


We are visionary thinkers. Our innovation system is a tool used to solve the problems that may arise at any stage of the process. We apply this methodology in all our areas of activity, from the production unit and technological process to the product development.


We guarantee our customers the lead in the market in a variety of ways through a maximum of modern technology, experience and know-how.   valorflakes systems stand out through their premium quality, robustness and operational reliability.

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